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What It Takes to Be a Tattoo Artist

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Art is known for being a creative form of self-expression. And art itself comes in different forms. You can see artists use different instruments to express themselves and create works of wonder.

An art form that has taken the world by storm is tattooing. And the champions of this art are tattoo artists. But can anyone call themselves an artist just by drawing a tattoo? To earn the right to call yourself an apostle of this art form, you need to know what it takes to be a tattoo artist.

The Art of Tattoo

The appreciation for this art form has blossomed and has given light to something that was once considered taboo. People all over the world are getting inked by different artists for different reasons. But there is one question that remains. Can you actually consider tattoos as art? This question doesn’t come with a simple answer.

Tattooing has evolved from its roots as part of human tradition to being laced with negative connotations. Even so, it remains one of the oldest ways of expression. To determine if the tattoo you have is art, you need to consider its intention.

If it was inked on your skin as a way of expressing yourself and not just as a random marking, then it is art. And with the need to consider style, aesthetics, and application, it is no question that tattooing is and has always been an art form.

The Makings of a Good Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is a very sensitive art form. It takes a lot of skill and even more patience to perfect. Tattoo lovers won’t let just anyone put ink on the skins. A good tattoo costs a lot of money, and people will pay any amount just to make sure they get the perfect tattoo.

If you want to make a name for yourself in the tattooing world, you need to consider all these things:

  1. Ask Yourself Before you take on the path to becoming a tattoo artist, you need to ask yourself some questions. Is tattooing the right path for you? Are the challenges of this kind of artistry something you can take on? Is this the kind of career that will make me happy?This kind of artistry needs commitment. Don’t waste your time on something you are unsure of. If you can see yourself with the right answers to these questions, then maybe being an artist is for you.

  2. Art Appreciation As discussed, tattooing is an old art form with a rich history. To be a good artist, you need to understand and appreciate art in its different aspects. You need to be able to see art for more than what it is.Take notice of the different methods, and apply them to your work. Don’t confine yourself to art that you already know. Open yourself to other ways art can be created, and you will be able to discover your method when making art.

  3. Practice Drawing Just like any skill, you need to hone your skills to be good at what you do. With tattooing, you need to practice drawing and designing. This way, you will be able to create a piece that your clients will appreciate.Practice drawing through different mediums. If you train your hand to work with different instruments, you will get used to drawing smoothly, no matter the design or material you have.

  4. Get Educated As an artist, it takes more than just knowing how to draw and design to be considered good. You need to keep improving. That is why getting an education in art is important to becoming a tattoo artist.Going to art courses can help you better understand the craft and will help you learn some tricks of the trade. Here, you can learn about realism tattoos and whatnot. Also, if you want people to see you as an artist with the right credentials, you should get an education in art.

  5. Explore and Be Flexible Although formal education can help you with your craft, being able to see it done in person is also a big help. With social media being the space where artists share their craft, you can follow different artists online to study their style.You can also reach out to them and ask them for a few tips when it comes to what they do. You can also check out artists that use other mediums to see if there are tricks that you can use.

  6. Learn from a Master Tattooing is a very intricate art. So, if you want to be good at it, you need to have experience. One way of doing that is by being an apprentice. Not only will you see the art being done in a tattoo studio, but you might also even be given the chance to do the piece yourself.This is where you learn about the tricks of the trade, usual tattoo costs, and even types of tattoos like realism tattoos. Every tattoo artist has to undergo an apprenticeship as part of their training.
  7. Build a Portfolio During your apprenticeship, you need to make use of your time at the tattoo studio. This is when you build your portfolio.Although a tattoo cost a lot, as an apprentice, you may need to give out about 100 free tattoos. This is because you still can’t charge anyone for your service. This is, however, the easiest way to compile your work.

  8. Get a License Once you are done with your apprenticeship, you can then take a certification exam and get a license or certification. This is proof that you are equipped with the right skills for the job.After you get your license, you can then work in a tattoo studio as a professional. You can now charge for your services and start your career.

Artists You Can Trust

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